Robert C. Greeley

Professional Statement:

“I don’t create train wrecks.  I put the engine back on the track, rescue survivors, bury the dead and salvage the pieces” is the credo of Robert Greeley, principal of Greeley Lindsay Consulting Group, a corporate distress management consultant firm.  Bob and his consultants assist distressed companies keep financing in place, restructure, or liquidate.  It is practical strategic planning.  He is appointed with the objective of establishing a business plan and cash forecast within days and then implementing with suppliers and lenders, or reporting to a judge within days.

Business Services:

He has worked with distributors, wholesalers, shopping centers, cattle ranches, nurseries, gas drilling companies, hospitals and others.  He also consults to rapid growth companies, to help them position for growth and then manage to, “whistle while they walk past the graveyard of other companies that died on the verge of success.”

Greeley’s business acumen results from numerous cases and many business situations–as a receiver since 1987, a consultant since 1983, a banker for years, an entrepreneur, and a Chapter 11 trustee.  He differentiates his consulting with a heavy emphasis on marketing.  “The best workouts are about marketing.  If it is a viable distressed company, market their products.  If the present business is not viable, sell pieces.  And if nothing is viable, sell the assets and intangibles.  It is about strategy and positioning for the best value.”